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Updated: Feb 3, 2022

A must-read book for IT professionals & students “INFRASTRUCTURE ARCHITECTURE ESSENTIAL FOR DATA CENTER AND CLOUD” by Shankar Kambhampaty is now live and available on Amazon

After the launch of the third edition of my book on SOA and MSA in the summer of 2018, I received several messages from students and professionals on the need for articles with insights on infrastructure architecture. We do not have many books on this subject, and most of the content available is provided by technology vendors. I began putting together a series of articles on various aspects of infrastructure architecture over the past year to have them shared through my blog or an online magazine. I had prepared the draft version of articles when I got a suggestion to pull together the content of the articles into a book. That is how this book became a reality!

The core concepts for infrastructure architecture have their origins in data centers to provide a scalable, secure, highly available, and performant environment for applications. Over the past decade, with the cloud gaining maturity and adoption, these concepts have also been extended to the cloud. Therefore,

I have tried to balance both the data center and cloud infrastructure architecture in this book.

Many new entrants to the IT industry have directly begun working on cloud platforms without a background in data center solutions and infrastructure architecture. This book gives readers the required conceptual clarity on IT infrastructure architecture to develop

and maintain solutions both for data center and cloud.

  • Describes an infrastructure architecting process based on industry standards.

  • Focusses on the essentials of Compute, Network, Storage, Backup/Restore, Disaster Recovery, Monitoring, and Security from an architecture perspective.

  • Caters to students, developers, architects & designers, CXOs who need a good understanding of the concepts of infrastructure architecture.

  • Provides many references to industry and academic literature at the end of every chapter to guide anyone who wishes to go deeper.

Please find below link to the purchase the book on Amazon or download the Kindle Edition

  1. Hardcover

  2. Paperback

  3. Kindle

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