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Innovation in Financial Technology

Innovate or perish. That is the only way forward for enterprises. Innovation has become an essential ingredient for modern business and this is particularly true for the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) industry sectors. Banking has led the way in the past through online banking, ATMs, international money transfers and more recently mobile banking facilities.

Some important questions faced by IT in BFSI organizations are –

  • What to buy, build and outsource?

  • How to Leverage technology within and outside the enterprise?

  • How to Use architecture as a tool to ensure that IT delivers business outcomes?

  • How to Leverage technology within and outside the enterprise?

In response to fresh market demands and many other drivers, IT (Information and Communication Technologies) organisations in every other sector are continuing to innovate. In Financial Services, multi-channel support, legacy reuse and process automation, event detection and processing, end-to-end integration with low latency are the areas in which the IT organisations must focus their innovation efforts to successfully meet business demands.

I have shared these and many other thoughts in a Webinar conducted by TechGig, the recording of which is available at

I would love to see your views and comments on Innovation especially in the BFSI space.

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