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Top Trends in Technology Architecture – 2013

Technology and change are almost synonymous. Even more so now, when the speed of change is significantly rapid in the past. No wonder, there are tectonic shifts happening in technology architecture itself. Here is my take on what are the most important trends in technology architecture.

Data, Data, Big Data: The abundance of data, importantly enormous amounts of data will make handling, analysis and interpretation of data a key architecture requirement. This is expected to have a cascading effect on adoption of cloud technologies.

SaaS in Mobile: SaaS has been around and mobile computing has witnessed a paradigm change. This is the time when both will combine in a much more powerful way than before.

Mobile commerce: This is an expected change every year, but hasn’t taken off in as big a way as we all foresaw. Yet, this still makes my list of something to expect. Regulators have to play ball and user behavior needs to change – both big challenges.

Cloud based software platforms & applications: Already trending, this is expected to grow further in strength. More players will create applications meant for the cloud. Think personal cloud, sync among several device types and so on as well.

IT stronger in the organization: The importance of IT across organizations is bound to grow given the dependence of all business functions on the usage of IT & mobility. Great time to be in IT & IT infrastructure.

Not too different from Gartner’s predictions.

I expect 2013 to be a year of major shifts in the way IT is used and perceived. More demands on IT, so fellow IT professionals, expect to be continually challenged!

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