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Web-based high performance full-text search application

Authors: Bala Nagendra Rao Betha, Venkat Srinivas Modali, Asrita Chetan Avasarala, Kalyan Kuppachi, Shankar Kambhampaty

Publication date: 2006/7/13

Book: Proceedings of the 10th WSEAS international conference on Computers

Pages: 754-762

Description The paper focuses on the business usage of Full-Text Search at database level and compares its strengths and weaknesses with respect to B-Tree Index Search. The paper establishes why Full-Text Search is better suited for searching textual content and why B-Tree Index is limited in given situations. The paper uses a real-life application “Persons of Importance” for propagating its message. Performance Management Tools were applied to compare the results of Full-Text Search with B-Tree Index in single-user and Multiple-user scenarios.

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