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Here are my latest videos under the playlist 1 Minute Knowledge Byte (1MKB), where I share my views on the latest in Technology and Market Trends. 

Shankar Kambhampaty

Technology enthusiast. Evangelist. Author.

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Shankar Kambhampaty is DXC Technology's chief technology officer for a leading global financial services customer. He has more than three decades of experience in a career that spans architecture, design, development and management for a number of global software projects. 

Global Architecture Excellence Awards 2017 Winners
Global Chief Architects Awards winners 2017

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A must read book for IT professionals & students “INFRASTRUCTURE ARCHITECTURE ESSENTIALS FOR DATA CENTER AND CLOUD” by Shankar Kambhampaty is now live and available on Amazon

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Taking Notes
SOA & MSA for Enterprise, Cloud, Big Data and Mobile

This book is a humble attempt from my side to share what I know about software architecture in general and SOA/MSA in particular. I have structured this book keeping in mind the insights I have gathered over the past 26 years as a practicing IT professional. 

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