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Shankar Kambhampaty is an information technology veteran with decades of experience, across verticals, corporations, and businesses. Currently, Shankar is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for a major services company. Previously, Shankar was CTO at DXC for a major Financial services account, CTO for Investment Banking at Polaris and CTO at Satyam Computer Services Ltd.


Shankar dons several roles at the same time – these include the roles of a technology evangelist, technology thought leader, and technology author. He is an acclaimed expert in the domain of Service-Oriented Architecture. Shankar has authored ‘Service-Oriented Architecture and Microservices Architecture for Enterprise, Cloud, Big Data and Mobile [Wiley India, 3rd Edition]’, a book meant for practitioners who wish to get insights into developing SOA & MSA solutions.

Shankar achieved premium certifications including Microsoft Certified Architect and AWS Certified Solution Architect (Professional). He was recognized as Distinguished Architect earlier by CSC in April 2015 and again by in April 2018. He was also the Global winner of the Architecture Excellence Award for the year 2017 in the category “SOA Vision for Enterprise Services”, an industry award instituted by iCMG.


Through this blog, Shankar’s desire is to create a meaningful online discussion on various aspects of information technology and share his views and opinions on technology and trends in general. Shankar has an MS from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.


Over the years, as a practicing architect initially and in the role of a CTO, I have been coming across several interesting architecture and technology related insights and have tried to share my views through papers, books and blogs.

The objective of setting up this blog is to create a forum specifically for practicing technology professionals and architects to discuss technology and software architecture topics and exchange views. I would like to invite you all to post your thoughts and ideas so that we can have interesting discussions and learn through these.

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