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Architecting for next generation business applications

Authors: Shankar Kambhampaty, Asrita Chetan Avasarala, Murty Eranki

Publication date: 2006/7/13


Volume: 3

Issue: 4

Pages: 374

Publisher: WSEAS Press

Description The current generation business applications are restricted by the limitations in technology, and are unable to easily provide powerful enterprise features for developing next generation business applications that need rich user interfaces and support for development of large solutions. Microsoft’s Vista platform and WinFX API address this requirement. A Loan Management application, prototype of a next generation business application, is built using the WinFX API. The application demonstrates rich user interfaces working with business logic components exposed as services. It also illustrates separation of business logic components from workflow and data access components. This application, thus, shares an architecture and design that can be used for building future business applications.

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