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Enterprise architecture definition framework for IT service providers

Authors: Shankar Kambhampaty, Satish Chandra

Publication date: 2006

Book: Research and Practical Issues of Enterprise Information Systems

Pages: 261-272

Publisher: Springer, Boston, MA

Description As Enterprises evolve, they invariably end up with heterogeneous IT systems. The software applications for the IT systems would have been deployed on multiple platforms and built using varied programming languages or packaged software. Customers require approaches to plan enterprise wide strategies that lead to scenarios of well integrated IT systems within their organizations. Suitable integration strategies have to be adopted to ensure that the systems which are currently available are well-integrated as well as enable future systems to be easily brought into their fold through seamless integration.

In order to address customer requirements for developing enterprise architectures and also to develop strategies to maintain them, customized approaches have been adopted. This resulted in the development of an Enterprise Architecture Definition Framework that IT Service providers can apply in …

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