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Reference Architecture for Intelligent Enterprise Solutions

Author: Shankar Kambhampaty, Harish Rohan Kambhampaty

Publication date: 2021/7/26

Journal: International Journal of Computer and Information Engineering

Volume: 15

Issue: 7

Pages: 445-451

Description Data in IT systems in enterprises have been growing at phenomenal pace. This has provided opportunities to run analytics to gather intelligence on key business parameters that enable them to provide better products and services to customers. While there are several Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) and Business Intelligence (BI) tools and technologies available in marketplace to run analytics, there is a need for an integrated view when developing intelligent solutions in enterprises. This paper progressively elaborates a reference model for enterprise solutions, builds an integrated view of data, information and intelligence components and presents a reference architecture for intelligent enterprise solutions. Finally, it applies the reference architecture to an insurance organization. The reference architecture is the outcome of experience and insights gathered from developing intelligent solutions for…

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